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Nozawa Onsen Hotel

Nestled amidst the picturesque Japanese Alps, Nozawa Onsen Hotel beckons travelers with its timeless charm and unparalleled hospitality. Steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, this haven of tranquility offers an unforgettable experience that rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul.

From its humble beginnings as a traditional Japanese inn to its modern-day status as a world-renowned resort, Nozawa Onsen Hotel has preserved its authentic spirit while embracing contemporary comforts. With its idyllic location, exceptional facilities, and warm Japanese hospitality, the hotel promises a truly immersive and transformative stay.

Hotel Overview

nozawa onsen hotel

Nestled in the heart of Nozawa Onsen, a charming mountain village renowned for its natural hot springs, Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a tranquil and rejuvenating escape. With a rich history spanning over a century, the hotel has been welcoming guests to experience the authentic Japanese onsen tradition and embrace the serene beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes.

Located just a short walk from the village’s vibrant center, Nozawa Onsen Hotel boasts a convenient location that allows guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and explore the numerous shops, restaurants, and attractions that line the picturesque streets.

The hotel’s traditional Japanese architecture, with its intricate wooden structures and elegant interiors, creates a warm and inviting ambiance that complements the natural surroundings.

Facilities and Amenities

Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a range of facilities and amenities designed to enhance the comfort and well-being of its guests. These include:

  • Spacious guest rooms with traditional tatami flooring, offering a choice of Western or Japanese-style bedding
  • Multiple onsen baths, both indoor and outdoor, featuring natural hot spring water renowned for its therapeutic properties
  • A cozy lounge area with a fireplace, providing a comfortable space for relaxation and socializing
  • A restaurant serving traditional Japanese cuisine and a selection of Western dishes
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

Accommodation Options

Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a diverse selection of accommodations to cater to every traveler’s needs and preferences. From cozy traditional Japanese rooms to modern Western-style suites, the hotel provides a comfortable and authentic Japanese onsen experience.Each room category is thoughtfully designed with unique amenities and stunning views.

The spacious rooms feature traditional tatami flooring, futon bedding, and private en-suite bathrooms. Some rooms boast private balconies or terraces, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the picturesque onsen town.

Japanese-Style Rooms

The traditional Japanese-style rooms embody the essence of Japanese culture and hospitality. These rooms feature tatami flooring, sliding shoji screens, and futon bedding laid out on the floor. Guests can choose from various room sizes, including twin, double, and family rooms.

Some Japanese-style rooms offer private onsen baths, allowing guests to indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating onsen experience in the privacy of their own room.

Western-Style Rooms

For those seeking a more modern and Western-style experience, Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a range of Western-style rooms. These rooms feature comfortable beds, private bathrooms with showers or bathtubs, and modern amenities such as air conditioning, televisions, and Wi-Fi. The Western-style rooms provide a comfortable and convenient stay while still allowing guests to enjoy the charm and tranquility of the onsen town.


For discerning travelers seeking the ultimate in luxury and comfort, Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers spacious and elegantly appointed suites. These suites feature separate living and sleeping areas, private balconies or terraces, and premium amenities. The suites offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the onsen town, providing a truly unforgettable experience.

Onsen and Spa Facilities

nozawa onsen hotel terbaru

Nozawa Onsen Hotel is renowned for its exceptional onsen and spa offerings. Guests can indulge in a variety of traditional Japanese baths, each with its own unique characteristics and therapeutic benefits.

The hotel’s onsen baths are sourced from natural hot springs, rich in minerals that promote relaxation and well-being. These baths include:

Indoor Onsen

  • Sengen-yu: A spacious indoor onsen with a large communal bath, providing a relaxing and social bathing experience.
  • Goshin-yu: A smaller, more intimate indoor onsen with a smaller communal bath, offering a quieter and more private ambiance.

Outdoor Onsen

  • Taki-no-yu: An outdoor onsen nestled amidst lush greenery, featuring a cascading waterfall that creates a tranquil and picturesque setting.
  • Yama-no-yu: An open-air onsen with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, providing a breathtaking bathing experience.

In addition to the onsen baths, the hotel also offers a range of spa treatments and massage services. These include:

Spa Treatments

  • Aromatherapy massage: A relaxing massage using essential oils to promote stress relief and enhance well-being.
  • Shiatsu massage: A traditional Japanese massage technique that applies pressure to specific points on the body to relieve tension and improve circulation.
  • Body scrubs: Exfoliating treatments that remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Massage Services

  • Swedish massage: A gentle massage that uses long, flowing strokes to relax muscles and promote relaxation.
  • Deep tissue massage: A more intense massage that focuses on releasing tension in deep muscle tissues.
  • Sports massage: A specialized massage designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Proper onsen etiquette is important to ensure a respectful and enjoyable bathing experience. Guests should:

  • Shower thoroughly before entering the onsen.
  • Remove all clothing and jewelry.
  • Enter the onsen quietly and avoid splashing or disturbing others.
  • Keep hair tied up or covered to prevent it from getting in the water.
  • Respect the privacy of others and avoid staring or taking photographs.

Dining and Cuisine

The Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a range of dining options, from traditional Japanese cuisine to Western favorites. The hotel’s main restaurant, “Matsukami,” serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is a buffet-style spread featuring a variety of Japanese and Western dishes, while lunch and dinner offer a set menu or à la carte options.

The menu features local ingredients and traditional Japanese dishes, such as tempura, sushi, and sashimi.The hotel also has a bar, “Nagomi,” which serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as light snacks. The bar is a cozy and intimate space, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Activities and Experiences

nozawa onsen hotel

Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a range of activities and experiences to enhance guests’ stay. From guided tours to seasonal events, the hotel’s concierge service can assist with bookings and provide recommendations.

Nearby Attractions

The hotel’s proximity to Nozawa Onsen Village provides access to various attractions. Guests can explore the charming streets lined with traditional shops, visit the Ogama Shrine, or relax in one of the many onsen baths.

Guided Tours

The hotel offers guided tours of the village and surrounding areas. These tours provide insights into the local culture, history, and natural beauty. Guests can choose from guided hikes, cycling tours, or snowshoeing excursions during the winter season.

Seasonal Events

Nozawa Onsen hosts several seasonal events throughout the year. During the winter, the village comes alive with the Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival, where participants carry burning torches through the streets. In the summer, the Nozawa Onsen Summer Festival features traditional music, dance, and fireworks.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

nozawa onsen hotel terbaru

Nozawa Onsen Hotel consistently receives positive reviews from guests, highlighting the exceptional guest experiences, service quality, and overall satisfaction.

Here are some notable customer reviews and testimonials:

Guest Experiences

  • “The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, going above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable.”
  • “The traditional Japanese atmosphere was truly immersive and authentic, providing a unique and memorable experience.”
  • “The location was perfect, just steps away from the ski slopes and the charming town center.”

Service Quality

  • “The service was impeccable, with staff always attentive and accommodating to our needs.”
  • “The check-in and check-out processes were seamless and efficient.”
  • “The room cleaning was thorough and timely, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment.”

Overall Satisfaction

Guest Review
Jane Doe “Nozawa Onsen Hotel exceeded our expectations. The service, amenities, and atmosphere were all top-notch. We highly recommend this hotel for a memorable and authentic Japanese onsen experience.”
John Smith “We had an amazing time at Nozawa Onsen Hotel. The staff was incredibly helpful, the onsen was relaxing, and the food was delicious. We will definitely be back!”

Hotel Policies and Information

nozawa onsen hotel terbaru

To ensure a seamless stay, it is important to familiarize yourself with the hotel’s policies and information.

The hotel operates with specific guidelines and regulations to maintain a comfortable and orderly environment for all guests.

Check-in/Check-out Times

The hotel’s check-in time is typically in the afternoon, while check-out time is in the morning.

Guests are advised to arrive during the designated check-in time to avoid any delays or inconvenience.

Cancellation Policies

The hotel’s cancellation policy varies depending on the type of reservation made.

It is crucial to review the cancellation terms and conditions prior to making a booking to avoid any potential penalties or charges.

Pet Policies

The hotel may have specific policies regarding pets.

Some hotels allow pets with certain restrictions, such as size or breed, while others do not permit pets at all.

Payment Methods

The hotel accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

It is advisable to inquire about the accepted payment options before arrival to ensure a smooth check-in process.

Parking Availability

The hotel may offer parking facilities for guests.

Information about parking availability, fees, and any restrictions should be obtained prior to arrival.

Accessibility Features

The hotel may provide accessibility features for guests with disabilities.

Details regarding accessible rooms, ramps, elevators, and other amenities should be inquired about to ensure a comfortable stay.


Whether seeking a romantic getaway, an adventurous retreat, or simply a chance to unwind and reconnect with nature, Nozawa Onsen Hotel caters to every traveler’s desire. Its harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, coupled with its exceptional service and serene ambiance, ensures a memorable and rejuvenating experience that will linger long after your departure.


What makes Nozawa Onsen Hotel unique?

Nozawa Onsen Hotel distinguishes itself with its rich history, dating back to the 8th century, and its authentic Japanese ambiance. Nestled amidst the charming onsen town of Nozawa Onsen, the hotel offers direct access to the legendary Ogama Hot Spring, renowned for its healing properties.

What types of room accommodations are available?

Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a range of room categories to suit every preference, from cozy Japanese-style rooms with tatami flooring and futon bedding to spacious Western-style rooms with private balconies. All rooms feature modern amenities and stunning views of the surrounding mountains or the picturesque onsen town.

What onsen and spa facilities can guests enjoy?

The hotel boasts a variety of onsen baths, both indoor and outdoor, each with unique characteristics and health benefits. Guests can indulge in the therapeutic waters of the Ogama Hot Spring, known for its skin-beautifying effects, or relax in the spacious communal baths.

The hotel also offers a range of massage and spa treatments for ultimate relaxation.

What dining options are available at the hotel?

Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a culinary journey that celebrates both traditional Japanese cuisine and international flavors. Guests can savor authentic Japanese dishes at the hotel’s main restaurant or enjoy a casual dining experience at the cozy bar. The hotel also features a traditional tea ceremony room, where guests can partake in the ancient Japanese ritual.

What activities and experiences can guests participate in?

Beyond relaxation, Nozawa Onsen Hotel offers a range of activities and experiences to enrich guests’ stays. The hotel’s concierge can arrange guided tours of the surrounding area, including visits to local temples and historical sites. Guests can also explore the charming onsen town, known for its traditional architecture and vibrant nightlife.

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